Clouds Roll By

from by Jeffrey Rodman

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One kiss, one night: that was the start
one chip, one bite: you gave her your your heart
You hitched a ride, she drove that heart away.

To you she was finally the one
To her you were strictly for fun
To her you were the popcorn bag,
the free moose ride,
the extra rag.

And now the clouds roll by in dark platoons,
in Mafias of fluffy goons,
dished up by celestial spoons
for you.

The clouds roll by like heavy freight,
bad news from a distant state,
the blues they then precipitate
on you.

They speak in tongues (as though clouds had tongues)
She climbed your heart (as though your heart had rungs)
She spun your head (as though your head were a wheel)
She stripped your soul (to see what that would reveal).

You gave her all plus ten percent
She rode your bike until that was bent
Unstrung your harp, she stalled your train,
she cooked up all of your seven grains.

And now clouds roll by like stale perfume,
like moldy wool from rusty looms,
swept up by celestial brooms
on you.

The clouds roll up and fall asleep
they're wall to wall and ten hearts deep
Thick as anger, cold as chance:
isn't it romance?

You bet the farm, gave till it hurt,
she drank you dry, then took your shirt,
she scooped you hollow, she chopped you short,
she picked your bones in civil court.

She watched as cows watch passing cars
But your jump was inches short of the bar
Your dice are tossed: your clock is stopped,
your evergreens have all been topped.

The clouds roll by, they're moving slow
A slow and mournful do-si-do
Wet and heavy, passing
over you.

Here's your heart, out on your sleeve.
Sun's out there somewhere, you gotta believe,
that absolution, you'll receive,
one day...


from Rich Inner Life, released January 1, 2000




Jeffrey Rodman San Francisco, California

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